Posted by: thebylog | September 19, 2005

Not Exactly Just Punching In

Note: Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to publish this post Monday night, when it was actually written.

I read on a blog once about a Mathematics graduate student who decided that he was going to try to do 8 hours of Math a day. He found it difficult. To understand why, think with me about my day today (times are approximate; accumulated “stats” time in []).

7:30: Arrived at office and replied to an important, school-related e-mail and downloaded a small homework for my regression class due that morning.

8:00: Polished off the HW and then read some notes from my Analysis class. [1]

9:05: Stat Theory class. [2]

10:10: Regression class. [3]

11:15: Analysis class. [4]

12:15: “Caught up” on my e-mail/blogs/Ducks etc. This took 2 hours, not the most efficient part of my day.

2:15: Walked around trying to find the Math/Science Library.

2:30: Settled into a quiet booth to study.

7:15: Left the library, returned to office. [8.75]

7:30: Messed around trying to figure out why the wireless network doesn’t work. Installed Microsoft Office on my laptop. Misc. school-related stuff. Not enough to add anything to the accumulated time, but maybe I should. [9]

So there you have it. I left my apartment at 7:00 a.m., it’s after 8:30 p.m. as I write this, but I’ve only actually studied for about 9 hours. And that was counting classes as 1 hour long (they’re actually 50 minutes), ignoring all my short (ranging from 3 to 20 minutes) breaks during my studying marathon, and including TA stuff as “stats” time.

Tomorrow we do it all over again, though with a different schedule. It’s key that I get here early, which means I’ve got to get out of here soon.


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