Posted by: thebylog | September 21, 2005

Since I began school, my snack of choice has been Wheat Thins. I love Wheat Thins.

But this weekend I went grocery shopping with Amy at a discount grocery store over where she lives and we got some medium-sized pretzels. And they are good! I think I like them as well as Wheat Thins.



  1. When I moved to CO I liked Wheat Thins. I really liked Wheat Thins. And we had an abundant supply here. So I ate Wheat Thins. And more Wheat Thins. Our housemom shopped at a discount place and bought multi-grain Wheat Thins, and ranch Wheat Thins, and Honey Wheat Thins, and regular Wheat Thins, and I ate them all, but the original are best, and then after six months or so I stopped eating Wheat Thins. Maybe I’ll like them again in another year or two.

  2. Hi I was just wonderin what type of mennonite you are Bryan. I also enoy the new release of AHQ purpose alot it was very incouraging……..

  3. IMO, Ranch Wheat Thins are the best, but the problem is I can’t find them anywhere! It irks me, because on the regular Wheat Thins box it says something like, “Try all of our wonderful varieties” and then it lists all the different kinds, including Ranch. But nobody sells them anymore!! At least not that I’ve found.

    What kind of Mennonite am I? A Christian one, for sure. What are the types of Mennonites that I can choose from, mk? I’m theologically conservative, and comparatively conservative in practice as well, though not nearly as much as, say, the Amish.

  4. Hello! Many of y’all that hang around these parts know me, but for those that don’t: My name is Hans Mast. I am an Amish-Mennonite/Beachy. I blog at The (not so) Daily Me.

    I just launched a forum that I thought you and your readers might have an interest in. It is It’s a place where Mennonnites can come together and discuss local events, theology, politics (if we’re allowed to; we’re still working on that one *grin*), books, music, life, make suggestions, give tips, help each other, meet new people, ask questions, answer questions and about anything in between and beyond. I hope this can be a ministry to help people find answers in life through the Bible. If you think that your readers would find this interesting, I would greatly appreciate if you did a post about Thanks for your time and God Bless.


  5. COMMENT SPAM!!! Off-topic!! Delete it By!!

  6. Nope, not comment spam. Informing the community, of which I am a part, about something that I think would interest them. I am hardly a bot, as you can tell…

  7. Their are many dif. types like black bumper, old order, south-easter thats me, beachy, virginia conference, and many more. So what college are you goin to? Do you like college?

  8. I didn’t say you were a bot, humans can spam too!

    MK: By’s a NorthWester.

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