Posted by: thebylog | September 27, 2005

Reflections on Teaching

Today I (sort of) taught some 150 university students. I’m a Teaching Assistant for two sections of an elementary statistics course. Up until now, I was just hanging out helping with labs, coordinating homework grading, holding office hours, etc. But now, Tuesday’s are my day to be in charge. There’s also a lab intern, so I’m not all alone. With that preamble, some thoughts:

:: I like to teach. And, I think I’ll like it even more as I get more comfortable with it.

:: It takes getting used to, like just about anything that doesn’t come naturally (singing in front of people, driving a stick shift, …). It’s not easy, at least for me. You are so on the spot.

:: I didn’t really teach, if you define that by whether I presented new material or not, but I did stand up there and explain by way of examples (that I didn’t compile) concepts related to the Normal Distribution.

:: I made ’em laugh once.

:: It’s just cool to impart knowledge.



  1. Tomorrow, I take my first B&E Stats exam. You may have the opportunity to do a bit more teaching, if you want to. Though, I’m guessing when you’re in this area, you won’t be too interested in thinking of statistics. 😉

  2. Sure Myron, I’d love to help.

  3. “It’s just cool to impart knowledge.”
    Very true I’ve been helping some of the younger students with their Algebra and Geometery. There something exciting and rewarding when the student finally, because of your help, grasps a concept he/she has been struggling with.

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