Posted by: thebylog | October 15, 2005

To my knowledge, the grossest thing in my fridge so far, since I began living by myself: baby carrots grown slimy. Not bad, really. I just threw the bad ones away and continued with my life.

Oh, there is some dip that’s probably pretty nasty.



  1. You haven’t really sunk too low if you haven’t washed the slick stuff off the hotdogs and then fried them. Oh, come on, there’s so many preservatives in hotdogs, they probably wouldn’t rot! It’s like they’re embalmed!

  2. Amen Paul, RFOL, you have to take Juice Plus to make them break down enough to digest.

  3. You know, we just tossed some little carrots that got slimy. My wife has been getting LOTS of vegetables and fruit and stuff, way too much for me to eat before it spoils! Probably because that’s the last stuff I’ll grab if I want something to eat.

  4. RFOL? Huh? 🙂
    Way to plu Juice Plus, there, TS!

    Tom, betcha the burritos and hot wings don’t get moldy! I’m with you, but if you don’t eat healthy, you could soon be with me!

  5. I don’t know exactly where you’re at Paul, but I’m pretty sure I’m already there with you!

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