Posted by: thebylog | October 20, 2005

I had a test on Monday that went well.

I have a test tomorrow morning. It should be more difficult than the one on Monday.

I have a test next Wednesday. It should be more difficult than the one tomorrow morning.

This weekend will greatly test my self-control, because there is schoolwork that I MUST move forward with, yet there is this thing called a Bible School Reunion at which I will be. How to study when 30 friends have set aside a weekend just to be with one another and relive old times?



  1. wow!! sounds kind of tough. you will do fine though. i do have to really look up to you though for trying to keep up with school plus do all these other fun things too. are you going to Brandon’s wedding next weekend? just wondering. we are. well got to go and best of luck with all your tests.

  2. Hang in there Byran! You always do. Looking back on my college days (oh so long ago) I wish I would have spent more time with friends than burying myself in books.

    P.S. Who’s the girl!?! 🙂

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