Posted by: thebylog | November 14, 2005


I’ve had this in my blog file for a long time, but I was talking to Amy a few weeks ago about this and it has prompted me to post it.

This is a plug for DestiNations North America, BMA’s stateside mission organization. Let me quote them, with regards to what we did this summer and opportunities that they have:

“Missionary Teams: This past summer we had a pilot missionary team serve at Waynesboro, VA. Two men supported Believers’ Fellowship in ministry for 2 months. It was a success. We need congregations that are interested in this service and VSers to serve. If you want to learn and serve in an exciting outreach, let us know.”

If anybody’s interested in spending a summer doing evangelism in a city in which there is an established church (do you know how exciting that would be?), let me know and I’ll get you hooked up.



  1. How can I get more info….just in case? It sounds like it might be something I’d look into.
    ~Laura J.

  2. Ok, now’s the tricky part. I don’t know if it’s a good idea just to post my e-mail address randomly on the web. But then, it’s not very hard to get ahold of. Try searching for Byran Smucker, find my e-mail address, and shoot me an e-mail. I’ll be glad to get you into contact. Or, if you want to post your e-mail randomly on the internet, I’ll e-mail you.

  3. Thanks!! I added an “email me” link on my Xanga site.
    Will that do? I tried searching but didn’t come but with much except your blog. šŸ™‚

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