Posted by: thebylog | December 22, 2005

Why I Write Funny

Most left-handers write in such a way that good friends mock them. At least I have a good friend who does (we won’t mention names, but he has a blog named after a rather distasteful beverage). And it’s true, I write with my wrist all curled up.

But Amy has this theory about why I use such strange posture to write: it’s so I can see what I’m writing! I’m sure you are all well aware that this world is rather prejudiced against left-handed people. I don’t think it’s done purposefully, but
often the convenience of left-handers is not in the forefront of the minds of important decision-makers.

At any rate, when deciding whether English should be written right-to-left or left-to-right, someone forgot to check with the lefties to see if they cared to read their writing as they composed it. So maybe our desire to watch what we write compelled us to adapt.



  1. Hey! That right! I never thought of that…

  2. My son is left handed and when he started school I really wondered how it was going to go because he couldn’t do alot of the things the girls could at the same age but God blessed him w/ a left handed teacher and w/in a week or so he was doing great!!I for one will never make fun of a lefty!!:)Shame on the unmentioned!!:)

  3. Merry Christmas, By! Enjoy the clan for me-wish I could be there. Win a Take One game for me!

  4. I thought they did it to keep their hand clean. My dad’s left-handed, and he said one time that whenever he used a pen to write anything long in school, the side of his hand always turned blue or black from constantly rubbing across the ink already on the page.

    The Baritone

  5. I write left-handed too, but I write like a right-hander because I angle the paper in the proper direction for left-handed writing. My second grade teacher taught me this. Unfortunately, they do not make desks for left-handed folks, but that shouldn’t stop us from turning the paper in the other direction does it!?

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