Posted by: thebylog | December 27, 2005

We Get Distracted Too Much

So, one of my professors is Jewish. We’ve talked about me being Mennonite, and before you get too far into that conversation the fact that there are about a hundred different Mennonite groups comes up. This boggles her mind because Judaism’s been around longer than Christianity (and certainly longer than Mennonites) and there’s only, like, five or so sects.


I wonder what the difference is in the two religions (Judaism and Christianity) that results in such a striking difference in how they have stuck together (or not) over the years.

It’s surely not one of the shining stars in the crown of Christianity, and definitely not one of the convincing arguments for the legitimacy of my religion.



  1. This is what my brother says. I am converting to the mennonite faith and I find it very confusing all these differences within the mennonite world.

  2. Listen to Mike Pearl’s tapes on Galations. Explains Judaism and Christianity very clearly. Besides strengthening your faith.

    Carrie A.

  3. I have been thinking… Does it have anything to do with the fact that Judaism is basically a “works” religion?

  4. Ha. Does it have anything to do with the fact that Mennonitism is basically a “works” religion? (tongue in cheek and raised eyebrows)

  5. hey byron…

    it seems like there are tons of jewish sects…though it isn’t right to question her, i wonder if this is true…i have many jewish colleagues and they speak of many varied branches within NYC as well as in Israel…(some very small sects…ie…some that don’t want or recognize temples rebuilt in Jerusalem as the Messiah has not yet come)…while there may be five major sects i think it likely there are many more smaller “mennonite-ish” sects…i wonder if one couldn’t similarly divided christianity into just a handful…Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, and everything else…

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