Posted by: thebylog | January 4, 2006

I should say something.

I’m recharging my batteries in Oregon. At least I was until Amy joined me in Oregon. Since then, things have gotten quite a bit more busy, but more wonderful.

Give me a few nights to catch up on some sleep I’ve lost and I’ll be ready to head into a brand new semester with much fervor and gusto.



  1. You’re behind on sleep already?!! Just a few days ago you had done nothing but sleep in!

  2. Ha. I doubt you’ll catch up much if you’re doing stuff with Amy. 🙂

    The baritone

  3. hey–thanks for singing “think of me” the other night… you and amy both have beautiful voices, and they blend very well. your rendition of it was amazing. 🙂 and thank you again so much for inviting me to go with y’all to the mountain!

  4. Hey By, I don’t know if you’ve heard out there yet, but Krystal Yoder, wife if Val Yoder the administrater at SMBI, passed away this morning.

    She collapsed at a wedding in Lancaster County and the responding medical crew could do nothing to get her heart started again. Her older brother Nolan, who is a medical doctor, was also there and stated that the hospitals couldn’t even have done anything for her. It was time to go.

    Pray for the family and especially Deaniel as he flies home from Thailand.

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