Posted by: thebylog | January 11, 2006

A New Beginning

A new semester! A time of fresh starts, little homework, and 8-hour days at the office.

No, they won’t last long, so I’ll try to enjoy them while I can.

There are also things that are not so fun. I was going to write a list of unenjoyable things that I’ve been doing during the last few days, but I realized that the specific things (shopping for school supplies, downloading drivers/programs from the web) aren’t so bad given time to do them. The thing that I think I dislike in the school context is the lack of a routine. Going to the insurance office to ask a question, fiddling with driver downloads to get my laptop connected to the network printers … not so bad, but when you add them all up and add in the typical time-wasters, it amounts to a less than accomplishing feeling.

But one thing I did do yesterday is audition for a choir here on campus. I’m pretty excited about that. My world is presently filled with quite a bit of discomfort and uncertainty academically, and regardless of what choir I am placed in (the audition was just a general one), going in there today felt familiar and comfortable.

In case I didn’t know, I’m better at sight-reading than rhythms or remembering tones. I’m certainly not going to take the School of Music by storm or anything, but I hope there’s a place in some choir for a solid singer who can read music.



  1. Hey man, I hope you make it into the choir. How big is it?


  2. heres my xanga

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