Posted by: thebylog | January 12, 2006

Wal-Mart Trick

When you must shop for whatever you shop for at Wal-Mart, and the store is really busy, do not (I repeat: do not) stand in line up front, waiting for your turn to pay for your stuff. Instead, go to the electronics section and pay for your bananas there. Way faster.



  1. So… you’re still eating those bananas!

  2. What if you have a whole cart-load of groceries accompanying the bananas?

  3. I think it’s still good. I actually had more than just bananas, and the lady didn’t bat an eye.

  4. Sporting goods. Yeah, sporting goods section. Top notch.

  5. lets hope u eat more then bananas! but my ciropractor said that if you’re low on potassium(SP?) that bananas are the best thing you can eat. so by, you should be in good shape!

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