Posted by: thebylog | January 20, 2006

Above Water

Two weeks in, and though you couldn’t tell it by the frequency of my posts, I’m not yet drowning in my work.

Like I told Amy the other day, I’m cautiously optimistic this will continue. But I’m not holding my breath. It’s almost like, if I don’t feel overwhelmed at some point (and I’ve almost been there already this term, not so much from the amount but the from the challenge of the work), something’s not right. Because the drowning feeling seems to be pretty much par for the course in many academic circles.

But like the old Grandma’s Cookies commercial jingle went: “If loving cookies is wrong, I don’t want to be ri-i-ight.”

If not feeling snowed under in grad school is wrong, I don’t want to be ri-i-ight.

Doesn’t have the same ring. Shucks.


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