Posted by: thebylog | February 8, 2006

Thoughts … streaming

I take turns being confidently nonchalant and scared almost out of my mind over the Master’s Exam coming up at the end of the semester. Most people pass …

I may go to the Penn State-Minnesota men’s basketball game tonight with some friends. They just upset Illinois on the road, handing the Illini their first home loss in 34 games …

I used to think I had good study habits, but I don’t. There’s this person who amazes me: he spends time reading notes and the textbook, works things out on paper, until he really understands the material. I just try to comprehend things well enough to do homework problems, which often results in only a hazy-at-best understanding of what’s going on …

You know the guy I talked about, that was into Scrabble? I beat him for only the second time last night …

I miss Amy, but the good news on that front is that I will speak with her tonight …


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