Posted by: thebylog | February 13, 2006

Getting Bigger

So, perhaps life is a little like an athlete with a whole lot of raw talent, but who is decidedly unskilled. He works hard and brings his game to a new level. But then his coach points out a glaring weakness, which, if corrected, could take his game to new heights. So he puts in the time and the effort and removes the glaring weakness. But then there’s something else, and then something else. And then he’s Michael Jordan, but he’s still only shooting 72% on his free throws.

Life is about continually growing.

That is painfully obvious to me at this point. I’m the type of guy who can, for large chunks of time, slide by in life, not feeling particularly up or down, not being faced with daily crises that require full-scale introspections.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle – just sometimes more than others. Even in those times of indifference and assumed tranquility, my weaknesses and failings are still there, though they may be buried beneath the surface. In the last five months, though, God has presented me with situations that have made my weaknesses readily apparent.

Like, I don’t rely on God, I’m immensely proud, I’m apathetic.

But I think when it’s all said and done, I’d rather be reminded of my failings than to just hang out and fill space. It’s hopeful, actually, because it means there’s something happening, perhaps even growth!



  1. Byran, this is very off-topic, but Jenny wants to know why you picked that shade of blue and that shade of yellow for your blog, because they do not go together (she says).
    Now on-topic from me:
    “I’d rather be reminded of my failings than to just hang out and fill space”
    Wow. Very well put.

  2. Jenny, I chose these colors because I thought they looked nice! What colors do you think I should use?

  3. “Life is about continually growing.”

    Well said Byran.

    As far as the colors go, my vote is with you. 🙂


  4. i’ve wondered… is the Christian life all about ups and downs?? like, failing, and falling, and you’re in the valley. and then He lifts you up, and you’re on the mountain. then the cycle starts over again. because the closer you actually are to God, the more satan attacks, thus making life more difficult..
    just some random ramblings. i wonder.

  5. I don’t know, Q. Maybe it’s different for different people. But it seems to me that even the most Godly people get down sometimes, because like you said they’re in the middle of the battle.

  6. vI think you should git
    green and yelloe.
    from Jennifer anne smucker

  7. Hmm, Jenny, I’ll have to think about that one.

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