Posted by: thebylog | March 3, 2006

Deadlines and Associated Happinesses

Sometimes, a few days or a week before some big event, when a lot of work needs to get done between the two points, I wish I could be past the deadlines in time because then, magically, all the work would be done!

That sort of thing happened this week, in my great anticipation for the weekend (Spring Break and its associated happinesses). The problem is, if I could have sped across time and woke up at 3:30 after Stochastic, I would have found myself relieved and happy, to be sure, but not with all my deadlined work completed.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t all get done. But when you try your best …

Amy likes to send me e-mails at night – after I leave the office and the internet – wishing me a good morning and some associated happinesses. She sent one last night a little before midnight, which I promptly replied too.

Now I’m off to enjoy a little associated happiness.


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