Posted by: thebylog | March 7, 2006

Two Things I’ve Learned Since I’ve Started Dating Amy

1. Keep fingernails short.
2. How to blow my nose better.



  1. Um, dare we ask what’s up with the nose-blowing thing? She showed you a better technique or you’re more conscious now, or what?

  2. I’ve just not traditionally been a nose-blower. I just hadn’t done it much and wasn’t very good at it. But I’ve been stretched in this area and now must admit the legitimacy of the activity. He says, sniffing.

  3. Are you saying you have been a sniffer up to this point? You, who have served as Example of Gracious Manners to all the cousins coming behind, one who would endlessly sniff when he had a drippy nose? (Weeps in disbelief)

  4. Hmmmmm–interesting things to have learned!!!:)What does Amy have to say about your new “abilities”!!??:)

  5. Strange, these people I know, just strange.


  6. It would sound as if your girlfriend is quite good for you….


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