Posted by: thebylog | March 15, 2006

Test Dignity

When I proctor a test in the class for which I am a teacher’s assistant, it’s clear that people are nervous and tightly wound. Sometimes they come up to me and ask questions that might tempt a person to roll his eyes. Because they are so keyed up, everything that doesn’t immediately seem right is something to freak out about, little things can seem like insurmountable obstacles – things are very intense.

And I’m sitting there thinking, man, it’s just a test. Don’t worry so much.

Now, shift to another day, in another room, another test, this one with me as one of the examinees. I am literally the student I described above. I’m the one going up front to ask the teacher clarifying questions. I’m the one tightly wound, intense. I may feel a bit sheepish, but dude, it’s a test we’re talking about! Vitally important.

It’s just amazing how perspective can change when your role changes. It seems that way, from what I hear and observe, with marriage and child-rearing and personally knowing a gay person and growing up and probably lots of other things too.

So take it easy on people who you think are uptight. Change a little bit of stuff around, and you very well may be that person!



  1. I haven’t had experience as a proctor, but I can empathize with you as the stressed student.

  2. I understand! We’ve been prayin. Just wish that we could have talked face to face! Jewel

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