Posted by: thebylog | May 1, 2006

Temporarily Resurfacing

After exerting a great amount of discipline (cough) in the last week and severely limiting my idle internet time while at school, I’m back, if briefly.

It’s smack in the middle of exam season, with this one even more intense and stressful than most. This is because the culmination of all the test preparation is the Master’s Exam, the first BIG TEST a graduate student in Statistics has to take at Penn State.

Really, you study long and hard to learn your stuff and prepare for mid-term exams and finals, but in the end what matters is how you do on the qualifying exams.

In my (admittedly limited) experience and observation, it’s somewhat difficult to fail a class in graduate school. You have to clearly separate yourself from the rest of the class to get less than a B. This fact doesn’t lessen the temporary post-test emotions that inevitably surface, however.

I survived two exams today; in fact one even went rather well. One more final on Wednesday, Master’s next Thursday.

By the way, if anyone is using this blog as a keep-up-with-Byran method, the Master’s Exam is the test the normal first-year graduate students are required to take. You must pass this exam to a) get a Master’s degree and/or b) continue on to the PhD Qualifying Exam next winter.

This summer, by the way, I’ll be teaching here for the first six-week summer session, hanging out trying to get up to speed on a research project, and then in July heading home for a month. I’m excited about going home. I’m also singing in a wedding in June and with a choir in August.

The only thing bad about going home is that Amy will be across the country. But I’ll survive. She’s such a dear.



  1. aw, that’s cute. šŸ™‚
    good luck on your tests!

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