Posted by: thebylog | May 25, 2006

Michael Logen

Gospel Echoes is a Christian Prison Ministry. They do a lot of things, but one of the most visible is that they support music teams that travel around the country singing in prisons and churches.

Years ago, I heard one of these teams sing and they had this guy along who stood out to me as a very skilled, very smooth, excellent singer.

Well, as I understand it, now he’s Michael Logen (you can listen to tracks on his website), living in Nashville writing music for a living and trying to hit the big time as a singer.

If you don’t realize how good you have to be to write … in Nashville … and get paid for it … Well, we’ll just say the fact that he’s doing it means that he’s a great songwriter. I don’t know a lot about writing, but I know enough to know that if you’re a professional writer you’re really, really good. And he’s still very skilled as a singer, maybe not quite as smooth (by design), but someone that you could listen to and think “professional.”

He’s got an edge to him now, one that wasn’t so evident when he was with Gospel Echoes. It’s the type of music that you need to really listen to – concentrate on – to catch the full impact of the beautifully crafted lyric. Of course, if you aren’t into acoustic/indie rock, maybe you won’t last long enough to appreciate what he’s saying. But it’s worth a try, at least for one song, “Mystery.” (there’s a link to an acoustic version of it here)

He’s Amy’s first cousin. I hope to meet him sometime.



  1. Ok sorry but I am just a little disappointed with your endorsement here Byran. Like most of the songs that I listened to were really kind of sad. Especially when I thought about the fact that he used to be using his talents to glorify God and further his kingdom,(He is talented) and the majority of the songs I listened to seem to be more romantic in their content, maybe I’m just not getting the underminding meaning, but I just thought it was kinda sad. I do enjoy a variety of music, but I think the best music is when it’s uplifting Jesus Christ, and drawing people to Him.

  2. If he makes good, quality music from a Christian worldview (which includes romantic love), then I think he is glorifying God. I would compare it to my Aunt, who writes for a newspaper back in Oregon. She writes from a Christian worldview, though not always overtly Christian. Or, a Christian artist that paints things other than Biblical or even nature scenes.

  3. Hey Byran..thanks for the kind words on your site here…someone emailed me a link to your page and I found it most interesting…say hello to Amy for me and hopefully we will meet sometime soon:) God bless

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by. I hear you may have a gig here in central PA this summer. I forget the date, so I can’t say if I’ll be around or not. Blessings to you.

  5. I guess that because God is so much apart of everything I am I want him to also be so much apart of everything I do. I think Christian love songs are wonderful if written from a Christian perspective. I don’t really see these again as written from a Christian perspective, maybe I missed something…Romance without God in the center is cheap and nothing. I get tired of this philosophy that you have to be a part of the word in order to make a difference in the world. Almost like we are dimming our lights so they won’t stand out to much in a dark world when they should be shining all the brighter,maybe that’s why our world is so dark because us Christians are so into blending… just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  6. Maybe I’m treading on thin ice here, but I don’t think I’d go so far as to say that romantic love without Christ is cheap and nothing. God made romantic love, so I’d think that it is good for both Christians and unbelievers alike. It’s like saying that a sunset is only beautiful to a follower of Christ.

    As far as the world, I believe that Christians must be transformed – completely changed – from the inside out. This will affect how lives are lived. But I don’t know if that necessarily means that a changed heart won’t sing songs or do things that some people think is “worldly.” What is “worldliness”?

  7. OK I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Romance comes from God and it’s true that He calls to folk’s hearts through His romance, but it’s only through Him that it is truly wonderful and beautiful. The closer I get to Jesus the more I enjoy the way He romances my heart.(a beautiful sunset–it comes from Him)is so much more beautiful to me then it was years ago, because I have a deeper relationship with the maker of the sunset. The closer I am to Him and the more I try to serve Him and my husband the more our personal romance is strengthened and …it’s wonderful when He is in the center. Maybe the word “nothing” was a bit overdramatic, but truly compared to romance without Christ it is cheap and very close to nothing.

    So would you sing songs that would glorify Satan(the world– his kingdom), we may but should we? I’m not saying that Michael was doing this necessarily, and I really didn’t mean to discuss this so much. I think it’s sad if we think we have to weed out God and praising and glorifying His name out of our singing in order to be successful, and though what logen is now doing is not necessarily wrong(maybe?) it is not in my opinion the best.

  8. Of course, what do I know about romantic love? I’m just a neophyte! Seems to me, as you say, that good things from God would be better if God is at the center. We don’t disagree there.

    I hope I would never glorify Satan with music that I sing (or listen to). That’s a bit scary to think about.

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