Posted by: thebylog | June 5, 2006

Doubting Byran

In my spiritual journey, I have at times confronted doubts about my faith and at other times avoided thinking about the very real doubts hidden deep inside of me. Perhaps because of that, and because I’ve heard some other perspectives when it comes to faith, I’ve sort of adopted the idea that the one who has seriously doubted and struggled through those doubts are the wisest Christians with a more complete perspective to share with other honest seekers.

However, it doesn’t seem that Christ endorses doubt. For instance, in the case of
the doubting disciple, Thomas, Jesus really doesn’t cast his questions in a positive light. Faith is always commended in Scripture, and in Thomas’ case faith and doubting are presented as dichotomous. At any rate, it’s hard to make the argument that doubting is a form of faith.

So, in reality, unshakeable, undoubting childlike faith is actually superior?

What about the strength of belief that’s an evident result of struggle? I figure that a faith that has struggled through doubts is stronger than one held blindly or only on the basis of background and subjective experience. But is that what Jesus says?

I just find that in the setting I currently work/study in, an unshakeable blind faith is unconvincing. However, perhaps I underestimate the power of God to work in peoples’ lives. Perhaps I don’t model childlike faith adequately.



  1. I definitly think that God admires the child like faith that we display, but I think He wants us to be honest about our doubts too and not just cover them up.

  2. Should doubt be employed as the path to faith? I doubt it, but when it is encountered, should it be blindly avoided or denied? That doesn’t feel honest. But is faith about honesty?

  3. I guess maybe you could say that Jesus wants us to have strong faith, and if the path to strong faith includes a time of struggling and doubt, that ok.

  4. Yeah he loves us in our humaness, and some of the great men and woman of the Bible even ones mentioned in the “hall of faith” had their times of great doubting. I like the phrase, or it may be a verse I’m not sure, “I believe, help thou mine unbelief.”

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