Posted by: thebylog | July 28, 2006

Inviting Without Instigating

The problem with being an inviter without being an instigator is that you are sometimes tempted to overstep those bounds that are socially appropriate. You know, someone organizes a party and invites you. But then you think of a person that wasn’t invited, for whatever reason, and you want to invite them. But unless it’s your girlfriend, it’s not particularly proper protocol to invite them to someone else’s party.

Or the other awkward thing is when there’s some sort of party or social gathering you’re going to, and you’re hanging out with someone who may or may not be invited. You don’t know, so the natural thing for me – especially if I’m grasping for things to talk about – is to ask them if they’re going to the party. If they’re not, it’s a bit uncomfortable.



    Why didn’t I hear about this ?

  2. Sorry, I asked about you already. You’re not invited.


  3. Oh that’s okay … I was too .. umm .. too busy anyway. Yeah. I’d go, but .. I have wayyy too much goin’ on.

    Thanks anyway guys.

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