Posted by: thebylog | July 31, 2006

A Framed Photograph

I’m not a photographer, but I snapped this picture yesterday and to my eye it looks good.

I like the frame effect of the doorway (and how the subject fills up the frame quite nicely), the subject (my brother) squinting in the broad daylight while the light beside the door burns faithfully, the parallel white lines, the blackness behind the subject, and the colors.

So I wonder if the photogs reading this can tell me all the things that are technically wrong with this picture.



  1. man, that’s great! really! I love the colors! red hair, blue jeans, etc.

  2. I’m no photog and this isn’t technical criticism and I have no problem with your brother, but would the picture be better if it was Amy in the doorway?

  3. Alas, but she is a long way away.

  4. My photographic experience is limited to those little plastic things on the supermarket clips that the store recycles after they develop the film for you, but… still, I don’t think you could’ve found a better squinter than the bro. That guy’s a TRIP !

    I’ve read a couple of posts from his site on ‘xanga’, and I’m convinced he’s headed for stardom if he chooses to follow his natural comedic talents.
    Need proof ? – Just look at that “Ope Taylor” squint, and tell me it don’t crack you up ! Then go back & read a few “Day in the Life” stories on his site, like that one where he and some buds nearly froze in their overnite camping adventure. It’ll crack you up. Maybe even bring back some memories.

    But I’m getting off track here …
    I guess what you’re looking for is that “Emperor Has No Clothes” thing where you’re waiting for someone to inform you that either the camera fell over while it was shooting, or the house tipped sideways a bit right at the last minute. So there you go…
    Your picture’s kinda lopsided, Byran.

    But still … It’s interesting. I’d buy it.

    * (By the way, Justin needs (wants) a camera) *


  5. Indeed, the composition is cool, exciting even. The color, great! Really only one thing: The place where the tip of the door frame and the top of the picture meet, it’s like a visual collision. Either the door frame should have been given more room, or perhaps cropped tighter, ie closer to his head.

    Missed you at BMA this year!

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