Posted by: thebylog | August 12, 2006

Children, Power, and the Unexpected

My little 5-year-old brother (TS) is obsessed with video games. So mom and dad are, of course, trying to control the situation, limiting his time, etc.

Last night, Vacation Bible School ended and the children (including TS) all received candy bars as treats. My mother happens to like Snickers Bars, and TS had one that he hadn’t eaten (I guess because there was so much other candy around, including some Air Heads that he was eating). Mom wanted it, so the parent-child roles were somewhat reversed, as the mom was now asking and being tempted to bargain with the child instead of the usual situation. Suddenly, little brother goes into deal-making mode, and we all know what’s coming. The little turkey is going to try to swing a deal that involves mom eating the candy bar and him having extra time on Game Cube.

So mom is laughing and telling him no way, it’s not going to happen. We’re sitting there laughing at the little guy’s cunning, and he starts laughing as he begins to verbalize and leverage his new-found power. Giggling, he says “I’ll let you eat the Snickers if … I can have two more AirHeads.”

This may not be so surprising to you, but you don’t know how obsessed he is.


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