Posted by: thebylog | August 13, 2006

Shut The Door

As I wind my time up in Oregon, this post is the first of a few about my home, my house, and being here.

First is the bedroom. When I lived here, I slept with my brother in an added-on upstairs room which has, since its beginning, had heating/cooling issues. It seemed to need a different thermostat than the rest of the house. But since the thermostat was downstairs, cool down there didn’t necessarily mean cool up here.

The solution seemed to be, in conjunction with some professional help, to keep the door of our room shut, so as not to let the hot air from below shoot straight up the stairs into our room.

So this whole vacation I’ve been obsessed with that door. Whenever someone came up or left, I’d tell them, “Shut the door.” If they somehow slipped out without me telling them that and left the door open, I’d get up from whatever I was doing and shut the door. When the door was open for any length of time, I could feel the temperature in the room rising palpably. Or at least it seemed that way.

So my little brother is obsessed with video games. I’m obsessed with keeping the door shut.

Bad Door

Good Door

For what it’s worth, the guy second from the right on the poster, he’s Luke Jackson – now a professional player for LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers – whom I played against when I was in 5th or 6th grade.



  1. Funny (ha ha) how it seems like it’s so much easier to ‘heat’ an upstairs room in the winter, than to ‘cool’ one in the summer.
    This, of course, due to one of nature’s wonders .. the rising warm air; descending cool air laws or something, as you hint at.
    But alas, this law, like so many others, can be broken. Choosing an upstairs room for MY personal habitat as well, I soon discovered that I had to cheat a bit to guarantee my survival …. I went to that un-named Depot that begins with an “H”, and shelled out 80 bucks for a tiny little window A/C unit. And I even cut a tiny little hole in the wall for it, since it looked so goofy squashed down in in that comparatively huge window. But it works – Great !

    And being an Oregon boy, you know how hard it can be to FIND air conditioners in some parts of that great state. That’s why I’m taking little “Coolie” WITH me next time I visit Florence, on the coast.
    On my last visit there (from Texas), me & Gramma found out the hard way that A/C is totally unheard of ! First hotel we checked in to, the desk clerk actually LAUGHED when I came back to ask where the thermostat was. A few minutes later he & I agreed that maybe me & Gramma would prefer the brand new “high rise” down nearer the beach … maybe THEY’D have central air. So we gave that one a try.

    You kiddin’ ?? Their answer to air conditioning was for guests to open a window! At first I was shocked .. especially considering there were no screens on any of them. What about bugs ? What about scorpions ?
    Turned out they didn’t have THEM either. And coming from Texas, the combination was almost more than we could fathom.
    Let’s see … No fire ants .. No killer bees .. No bugs, therefore no need for screens .. And no such thing as ‘heat’ in Florence, either, so no need for silly air conditioners or ceiling fans.


    ..(Still, though, I’m bringin’ “Coolie” with me next time … just in case.)..

  2. Whoa! You played with Luke Jackson?! That’s pretty cool.

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