Posted by: thebylog | August 28, 2006


I don’t really know how to avoid stupid, perky platitudes in an attempt to succinctly sum up the week of tour with the Mennonite Choral Singers, so I’ll just say it was fun, with excellent people and excellent music, some of which truly spoke to me throughout the week.



  1. I was really blessed to hear you guys at Faith last evening. Great selections from a broad resevour (?) of music. The “Prayer of the Children” brought tears to my eyes, and I believe rightly so. Great job on your solo parts. Also,I was impressed by seeing the four music folders with gold corners:-) Blessing God in Lanc. Jim Herr

  2. “it was fun”

    Is that a perky platitude? I was definitely blessed by your program. And it was nice meeting you. Javan

  3. Now, I’m not sure who you are Jim, so I don’t know if you know where the gold corners came from.

  4. Good meeting you too, Javan. Personally, I think “it was fun” is a platitude, though not too perky.

  5. Byran, last spring when MHC sang a E-town BIC, this “old guy” (me) chatted a bit with you right after the end of the program. I’m guessing in my mind where the gold corners came from. Weren’t they all “tied” together maybe? Jim

  6. Gotcha Jim. The gold cornered music folders were a gift from a couple at whose wedding some of us sang.

  7. Cool, I sang Prayer of the Children on SMBI tour.

  8. I sang Prayer of the Children with Heart and Voice.

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