Posted by: thebylog | August 29, 2006

Quick Advice (Shower Avoidance)

If you exert and sweat profusely, but don’t want to shower, just wait awhile and change clothes. You may be able to forgo the shower because you won’t really feel like you need it.

This happened last week, when we arrived at a church with a gym hours before the service was to begin. That led to a game of basketball – albeit halfcourt – which was enough to really lather me up somethin’ awful. But since there were no showers, I really had no other option except to dry off, wet my hair (I guess I could have washed it, come to think of it), dress up, and sing pretty! And it really wasn’t that bad, once I got past the “not-feeling-all-nice-and-clean” part.

Ok, so maybe a tongue-in-cheek post about personal hygiene isn’t very funny. Sue me.



  1. I won’t sue. It is very practical advice, I’ve even used the same idea when on tight tour schedules.

  2. The best judges (sniff) of the wisdom of this (sniff sniff) would be the people who had to stand beside you (sniff sniff sniff) and sing pretty.

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