Posted by: thebylog | September 4, 2006


Over the last year and a half I have had trouble with my eyes, and this has resulted in me severely limiting the time that I could spend in contacts. No good, I don’t like wearing glasses, and I don’t really like how my glasses look.

This has bothered me – sometimes more than others – and at different times (not lately) I have prayed about them, that God would help the situation get better.

Well, they have gotten better, either that or I have stopped insisting that my eyes not exhibit the least bit of redness when I wear them. God answered my prayer and I praise and thank Him for it.



  1. IMHOAAPAAISYMA (In my humble opinion as a proud aunt and I’m sure your mom agrees) you look very good in glasses.

  2. ‘Twas good seeing you again, Byran. 🙂 Best wishes on life in general…

  3. what does adenosine triphosphate have to do with contacts?

  4. Sweet!

  5. I am with Dorcas (and apparently probably your mom, too) in that I think your glasses are quite becoming to you! You look fine either way, but wearing glasses definitely is not a detriment to your appearance. I am sure it would be nice to not HAVE to wear them, though. I don’t have a clue what that is like!

  6. Never heard of “ATP”-
    “adenosine triphosphate”…
    But then I could never wear contacts.
    Just something about putting “things” in my eyes that has given me the willies since childhood.
    But I’m glad you can rely on God for healing. And I’m glad your prayers were answered, which I’m sure you feel deep inside was the case.
    Of course I support prayer for EVERYTHING. Both my brother and myself have an eye condition known as “RP”, or “Retinitis Pigmentosa” … a gradual degeneration of the retinas. And we’re both about 16 & 18 years into it, so it’s pretty advanced now. But despite MY prayers for both of us, (Bro’s an agnostic, unfortunately), I have to admit that I’m at peace with the realization that our affliction is likely necessary somehow, to carry out God’s larger plan. Not that I could even guess what that plan might be, but unlike so many answered prayers of my past, I don’t get the same sorta whispered reassurance that either of us have any miracle in store for this one. Not really sure why, even. But I just feel that maybe God has a bigger plan which involves our experiencing this hardship. Possibly for the duration of our lives here. I’m writing this with the only working eye right now .. the left one.
    Okay, the kids tell me I’m starting to sound like a Jewish mother now, so I better cut it off, but I DO hope your eyes continue to show healing. And I hope all your faithful readers will remember to treat their eyes like they’re the only ones they have. Life is truly a different experience without sight.
    ‘Course, there’s always AHQ music to offer peace and comfort. And the ears still work great ! So I’m still very much blessed.


  7. very cool

  8. Maybe it should have been AtP. Answer to Prayer, so as not to confuse the chemistry/bio-types among us. (I looked ATP it up and *shudder*).

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