Posted by: thebylog | November 16, 2006

Personal Notes

I have to regularly proctor exams and quizzes in the class for which I serve as a TA, and one of my least favorite parts of it is the constant supervision and accompanying suspicion I feel the need to apply to the students. I walk around as they’re working, watching them, trying to detect wandering gazes, looking at the floor around their feet wondering if that notebook paper is a cheat sheet. A few weeks ago, I was doing this and I saw some papers on the floor at the feet of a student. I picked them up and they turned out to be material from another class of his. So I continued walking around and saw another piece of paper. I hesitated, then reached down and picked it up. It turned out not to be a student’s illicit statistics notes, but in fact some notes of another kind, the kind a girl passes to a guy she likes. It embarrassed me just to read it.

Funny how seeing someone’s private notes makes one feel sheepish.


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