Posted by: thebylog | February 5, 2007

The PhD Qualifier and Why I’ve Been Silent

I’m sorry it’s been so long. There are a couple reasons for my extended silence, one of which is not because I failed the exam.

Yes, that last sentence is hard to understand, but in a way it’s hard to understand how I actually passed my PhD qualifier. But I did, and this comes as a huge relief and finally I can feel confident in saying that I will, in all likelihood, earn a PhD in Statistics and Operations Research from Penn State.

Like I said, there are a couple of reasons for my lack of posts recently. The first is that in spite of passing my exam, school still demands an inordinate amount of my weekday life. I wasn’t posting on the weekends anyways, for obvious reasons. Only 185 days.

The other reason makes me slightly disagreeable, but I’ve already dealt with the general issue in a previous post. Suffice it to say that Blogger forced me to upgrade which forced me to get a Google account which “forced” me to read a bunch of lawyer-speak. I don’t have time for that, but I eventually got ‘er done.



  1. I knew that you could pass it.

  2. Think of all the time you could have saved if you would have just moved to WordPress!

  3. Thanks Steph.

    Actually, Tom, the new blogger might be the death knell to your Byran-goes-Wordpress dream!

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