Posted by: thebylog | February 28, 2007

Probability Theory

So this semester I’m in Probability Theory which, depending on who you talk to, is the toughest class we have to take here. And it certainly has not disappointed in that respect.

It’s like a parallel universe – call it rigorous-mathland – where instead of dirt and trees and the sky, you have spaces and fields and measures. So I have to sit here and imagine these abstract constructs, try to make them concrete enough in my mind to make a feeble attempt at understanding what in the world is going on.

A difficult thing for me, whenever I brush up against theoretical mathematics, is relating these abstruse concepts to something that I have some real intuition about. Probability is fairly intuitive, at least at its most basic level (if there is an urn with 5 red balls and 6 blue balls, what is the probability of picking a red ball?), but to deconstruct it in a measure theoretic way, well, I’d refer you to my previous post.

However, I think it’s coming, albeit slowly and in very small increments, and probably not quickly enough to save me from the exam coming up in a couple of days.

162 days.



  1. It’s frightening how quickly those days pass.

  2. It’s been so very long ago now, but I seem to recall that I once took on a similar study at the Anaheim-Azuza & Cucamonga Sewing Circle Book Review & Timing Association. …Or was that “Propoganda Theory” ?
    …Just kidding…
    Regardless, your recent studies are far beyond MY pay grade.
    But are you confident that this subject material will support your future quest for a U.S. Congressional seat ?

    – G Martin, Texas

  3. So G., what’s this about me running for a seat in Congress? I try to be apolitical!

  4. Abstruse — good word! Especially when describing theoretical math. That’s what drove me to physics and meteorology, hehe.

  5. Aw, you know .. We The People are just always holding out hope that one day a truly honest and respectible candidate will emerge on the political scene .. someone with true Christian values, integrity, maybe even “a Mennonite to boot” ! Someone with some education. We’re way overdue, of course. But as they say, you can lead a horse to water, and yet, if he ain’t thirsty, well… we tried anyway. – G Martin

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