Posted by: thebylog | March 28, 2007

Murderous Graduate Students

Two articles (this and this, though you might have to get a free account to access the articles) in the New York Times yesterday caught my attention, both having to do with graduate student-advisor relationships. Specifically, what happens when they go sour – way, way sour. There are a few cases, discussed in these articles, in which graduate students killed their advisors because of academic-related issues. One person beat his advisor to death after he found out that he wasn’t going to receive a PhD after nineteen years of graduate school.

I can’t imagine nineteen years of graduate school, and I can almost imagine the kind of frustration that might occur if what you had worked for your whole life was, in your mind, callously flicked away by the whimsies of the person who held all the cards in your academic life.

134 days.


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