Posted by: thebylog | April 5, 2007

Secular Europe v Islam

Europe has become largely secular. This secularization requires acceptance and celebration of all sorts of diversity in cultures and lifestyles, and would include an embrace or at the very least an acceptance of Moslems, for instance.

But another result of secularization is severely depressed birth rates, and this is becoming quite a problem in parts of Europe. Yes, the population is aging (surprise!), and Europeans are also becoming uncomfortable with the demographic shift that seems inevitable, since (surprise!) birth rates of Moslems aren’t decreasing at all. In fact, the Moslem population is booming in Europe, and this is somewhat alarming to people there.

This is anecdotally evidenced by a recent article in the New York Times which talks about a town in the countryside of Britain who, with some controversy, has allowed a Methodist church to be turned into a mosque. This church had been closed down for some time due to its dwindling patronage.

So on the one hand you have a philosophy that demands a celebration of all sorts of diversity, and on the other you have people that aren’t comfortable this demographic shift in general, and with radical Islam in particular. I think this will make for a fascinating scenario on that continent in the upcoming years.



  1. Interesting to me that you posted on this subject, as I’ve been intrigued with it myself ever since reading a National Geographic study of it. Even very uneducated Muslims (e.g. women in Yemen) seem to have an intuitive grasp of the power of numbers over several generations. You as a statistician, Christian, and fiance’ no doubt are coming to some similar conclusions regarding your potential impact on the world’s future.

  2. So you think we should have lots of children, huh? 🙂

  3. Isn’t it sad, and yet prophetic at the same time, how most of Europe has turned from God (our Christian God, that is) in such overwhelming numbers. And especially France and Germany … oh, how they are reaping the harvest of rejection !
    Frankly, unless we awaken quickly, I fear the same fate for the good ole’ USA. YES ! – Be fruitful and multiply !

  4. As I said, with your credentials you’ll no doubt come to the big-family conclusion without any prodding from me. (Knowing that you also have lots of sense to know when/if that wouldn’t be wise.)

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