Posted by: thebylog | May 2, 2007

Loving People

I wonder what would have happened if one single person who was more socially accepted than Seung-hui Cho’s would have offered their sincere friendship to him, if one “jock” or “rich kid” or … Christian would have loved him instead of tormenting or ignoring him. I wonder if the massacre could have been avoided.

It makes my heart cry out to itself to love people, to sincerely invest myself in others.



  1. We’re on the same page there all right, By.
    Moreover, you might want to ask how many lives you might have touched already in your lifetime. I suspect many.
    But with Hollywood, & network TV, & video games, and on and on …. it’s an uphill battle for righteousness. But a battle that can’t be ignored for sure.

  2. I thought of the same thing but then again his roomates said they did try to get to know him, I don’t know maybe they didn’t try hard enough. It’s also a warning for us to guard against bitterness in our lives.Unforgiveness grows into a big black hole of bitterness that will ultimately bring tremendous damage to others and ourselves.

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