Posted by: thebylog | June 20, 2007


Awhile back I was at the post office. I bought a little mailer and it was $1.09. I pulled out $2, but the kind post office guy motioned to the little bowl on the counter.

“Isn’t there 9 cents there?” he asked.

Sure enough, so I find a dime and hand it to him. I grab my extra dollar and the cent of change and am about to leave, when he’s like,

“Man, surely you’re going to put the penny back into the bowl … man …”

He was playing with me, but I still got embarrassed.



  1. ha ha ha!! 🙂 a good mennonite..

  2. That’s funny.
    I messaged your interview to you on your xanga site, by the way. Sorry it took so long.

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