Posted by: thebylog | July 26, 2007

Theorem 1

I proved a theorem! Ok, so it’s not deep and probably not hard and no one else has seen it to show me that I just proved something so trivial as to be laughable, but it’s still pretty cool to think I proved something.

Fifteen short days until we’re married. I’m so excited. I might just be completely giddy in the few days before the wedding.



  1. That’s great! Are you going to describe it for us sometime?

    Are you still eating chicken? =)

  2. Wait until you’ve been married 10 years and tell us if you’re as still giddy. Does Amy know what she is getting into???!!!! Poor Amy!

  3. You will of course, post pictures, wont you?

  4. We are REALLY be MAD at you if you don’t post some wedding pictures!!!!!

  5. Post some wedding pictures PLEASE!!!!!! We’re begging you……

  6. hey what ever happened? i was expecting pictures by now. how did the wedding go? just wondering. i’m back home now. have a good one.

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