Posted by: thebylog | November 1, 2007

Living Biblically

Awhile back Amy and I were listening to Fresh Air, and TerryGross had featured A.J. Jacobs who recently wrote a book called “The Year of Living Biblically.” This guy is an agnostic Jew but he decided to follow all the laws of the Bible as literally as possible for a whole year.

Although it was a little hard to tell whether mockery was hidden beneath the surface, it wasn’t obvious listening to him that he was outright mocking the sacred. He talked about how living by Biblical commandments changed his life for the better. For instance he determined not to lie, which evidently he did to his child periodically (everybody does it, right?). He acknowledged that it was probably better for him and his child in the long run.

Interestingly, he also attempted to follow the letter of laws like the one to stone adulterers. He carried around some small pebbles with him for this purpose. So when he happened to meet an adulterer in a park somewhere, he threw the stones at him.It made the dude angry. He also attempted not to sit anywhere that his wife had during her period, which made his wife mad.

I wish they would have talked about the New Testament, but I think Terry Gross was more interesting at highlighting the humorous and archaic (and thus sort of ridiculous in oursociety) OT laws than actually the commands of Jesus. I want to know, did he repent of his sins? Ask Jesus into his heart? I guess I’ll have to read the book.



  1. I read a pretty detailed review and nothing from the NT was mentioned. The whole thing made me sad because it seems he completely missed the point.

  2. Your updates have been excruciatingly slow in coming as of late.:P But Merry Christmas anyway!!

  3. I see nothing strange whatsoever about the absence of the NT in Jacobs’ book…after all he IS Jewish, and therefore to him, the Bible would only include what Christians refer to as the OT.

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