Posted by: thebylog | December 29, 2007


I’m a yeller. There’s this story of me being at a friend’s house and having their dad tell me to be quiet, because I was just being loud. And in more recent years I have these memories of being shushed in restaurants.

It usually happens when I’m talking about something that I’m intent on or passionate about. Perhaps it’s a subconcious effort to be noticed or to feel important, but invariably the decibels increase and afterward I’m like, “Man, I was yelling.” Then I’ll ask Amy if I was yelling and she’ll say, “Yep, I could hear you across the church during Sunday School.” Usually people are polite and don’t mention anything while I’m yelling.

So if I’ve yelled at you in the course of any past personal conversation, I’m sorry. Lyle, I’m sorry. Dr. Slavkovic, sorry. While being passionate is something I want, I don’t think it’s particularly necessary to yell all the time to express myself as such.



  1. I’m looking forward to your yelling while you’re here. Its pretty quite with you, Randy, and Jessie all gone. Can’t wait to see you all when you come out.


  2. Ha ha! You know what, it’s been so long since we’ve regularly gone to restaurants together that I forgot about that!

  3. You can’t escape your genes, Byran.

  4. I can relate to that. Isnt it crazy how you can be so caught up in a debate that you dont even realize your “yelling”?!

  5. Funny thing Byran is I never noticed. Maybe because I’m always yelling so much louder I never could here you…or maybe I’m just used to the loud genes and you seemed normal.

  6. Woops, I mispelled ‘hear,’ please forgive me!

  7. I’m with Barney. I can’t say that I ever noticed either.

  8. Yeah….I know what you are talking ’bout… When I’m talking about something I’m very passionate about I get all giddy and exicted…I guess my friends are thinking, “What the…?”, but then the world wouldn’t be quite the same with out people like us… :~) B proud 2 B a Yeller!

  9. I’ll also chime in that I haven’t noticed you yelling either! I hope you had a good Christmas and everything, I hope to see you & Amy around sometime! Good luck with your busy semester!

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