Posted by: thebylog | April 4, 2008

Fashion and Feel

Today I’m wearing some fairly ragged khaki cargos with a blue t-shirt and my nike running-type shoes. From where I’m looking, I like the ensemble. But if I think about looking at me or someone wearing something like this, I’m afraid I may be committing some sort of fashion faux pas, what with the tennis shoes and khakis. My mom always preached against that, but I figure they’re ragged cargo pants so maybe it’s ok. And besides, Amy didn’t say anything.



  1. You wear ragged kalkis to school?

    Love Mom

  2. I had a chemistry professor who used to wear a blue polo shirt, black dress pants, and white tennis shoes every day (at least every day that I saw him).

  3. Mom, I do sometimes! They’re comfortable, what can I say.

  4. Ben, believe it or not there are a statistics professor or two that do the same type of things sometime.

  5. It’s probably because he has to be on his feet all day. Good comfortable shoes are a must for this. I should know.

  6. Are you a teacher anon?

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