Posted by: thebylog | October 14, 2008

Dreaming of Comps

In early November I take my comprehensive exam which means, in part, that I present my proposed research and my committee grills me on it. 

Last night I dreamed about my comprehensive exam and being grilled by those prosecutorial professors on my committee.  Then my alarm woke me up and I hit the snooze in part because I wanted more.

There’s certainly a level at which I am really looking forward to this, because I think it will be a real kick to defend ideas which I have birthed and developed and feel that I know something about.  There is another part of me, latent at the moment, with fears that I overlooked something that renders my ideas useless, or that I will be exposed as someone who doesn’t really have a grasp of some of the important issues underlying my research.

But last night, the confident part of my subconscious won out.  Either that, or my subconscious was just a glutton for punishment.


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