Posted by: thebylog | October 28, 2008

Slate leans left (surprise)

I am a regular reader of the online magazine Slate. It’s fairly clear to me that it tends to be politically liberal.  So it’s no surprise at all that of all the Slate staff who decided to reveal their intended vote in the upcoming presidential election, 96% will vote for Barack Obama and only 1 out of 57 intends to vote for John McCain.

Its editor partly rationalizes this as a demographic byproduct, but if that’s so then the lack of ideological diversity could be fairly easily remedied by hiring people from cities that aren’t “extremely Democratic” and “young.”



  1. Alot of media types (tv, radio, mags, newspapers) hire a certain demographic to support their political bias. Its getting out of hand, though. The bias is so obvious both ways. You have Fox News vs Cbs and Nbc. Fox is blowing them away in the ratings… kind of interesting

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