Posted by: thebylog | January 22, 2009


This is not the place to come for tech advice or opinions, but I’m so happy with Gmail that I’m going to plug it.

It’s fantastic!

Why?  Because you can keep your inbox empty, or close to it.  You know all those messages that pile up, that should be foldered, that you don’t quite want to delete?  No problem, just “archive” them and if you need to locate the message later you can use Google’s well-established search capabilities to find it. 

One other feature that is just so smart.  If you get attachments a lot, you know that it’s a pain to download them, open up your word processor (if it’s a Word document), and view the attachment.  If it’s an attachment that you don’t necessarily want to download and save but you want to see the contents of, Gmail lets you view an html version of the attachment without downloading it.  It saves you time and is much smoother.

There.  Get Gmail.



  1. Byron, I have been singing the praises of gmail for a few years now. It certainly is the best of the best when it comes to email. I have tried just about all the major email services and Gmail beats them all hands down. If you think Gmail is great, you should try the other great stuff that comes free with it. Try opening Word docs right inside of Gmail as a google document. Google documents is a great online word processor. And of course you also have free Picasa and web albums. Possibly the best solution for handling your pictures as well as uploading them for viewing. Check out my blog post on the subject here….

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