Posted by: thebylog | March 11, 2009


For better or for worse I have joined Facebook. I must say that I feel reduced in some way as I have spent time there, what with the mad grab for “friends”, the vacant gawking at the pages of those new e-chums, the obsessive compulsion to post “status updates.”

On the other hand, I have been able to make at least a one-sided connection with many people, including family, and that was the reason I joined in the first place.

Do I need another virtual time-waster? Not on your life. There may come a time when I perform a wholesale scaledown of my internet habits, but for now I’ll take the good and try to keep the bad under control.



  1. Facebook is a convenient way to keep up with friends, I’ll grant, but it’s easily turned into a black hole.

    Then again, what isn’t?

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