Posted by: thebylog | March 25, 2009

Bad Dreams

Over the years, I’ve had a recurring dream which invariably includes these elements:

  • I’m a college student
  • I’ve registered for a class but missed most or all of it
  • The final exam is rapidly approaching

If you’ve been a student who cares about school, you realize this is horrifying.

Remarkably, it seems that this periodic nightmare has updated itself.  Instead of playing the role of delinquent student, I am now teaching a class for which I have somehow shirked duty.

My guess is that in both cases a deep-seated fear of failure has exerted some influence on my subconscious.



  1. I don’t recall dreams very often, but this theme is the most common one that I do (unprepared teacher/student). Do you always have the same outcome? I have two versions of these dreams. In one I manage to do well on the test/lecture, in the other it’s a disaster.

    I have a third type of dream like this that relates to leading the music at church. I show up on Sunday morning and realize a few minutes before the service starts that i am supposed to be leading. . .

  2. I don’t think that the student dreams ever last long enough to resolve in either a good or bad way, though I can’t say for sure about the teacher version.

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