Posted by: thebylog | April 2, 2009

Problems with Building the Kingdom

I’ve been thinking, recently, about building the kingdom of God and how that relates to me, right now.  Frankly, I don’t feel that I am doing my part on a day-to-day basis here in State College.  Mostly, it’s because of my spiritual apathy.  But I believe there are also a couple of aggravating factors which you might call the “feet in two Christian worlds” (FITCW) problem and the “your main Christian world is far away” (YMCWIFA) problem.  Unfortunately, these have followed me from Oregon State to Penn State.

The FITCW problem presents itself when the spiritual energy you might focus on your church is split between two receivers, in our case our home church and the Christian grad students group.  The YMCWIFA problem is closely related and is posed when you go to church far from where you live and/or go to school or work. These things work in tandem to dampen the sacred scintillation that might prod me into ongoing, everyday work for the kingdom. 

Perhaps a more basic issue brought up by these two problems is a lack of immediate community.  Our church is far away so we are unable to experience life with them on a daily basis.  The Christian grad student group is close by, but because we don’t fully plug in it has little chance to be the solution.

Now does that sound like an excuse?

The next thing to think about is how to defeat this, since I have a year-and-a-half or so left.



  1. I do often find that parachurch participation hurts folks spiritual walk. But, if there are no other options, it is better than nothing.

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