Posted by: thebylog | December 10, 2009

Public Speaking

I am in a seminar class this semester (which may be the final class of my graduate school career, by the way), and I am required to write a critique of several speakers and their presentations. Here are some edited excerpts that may serve as some thoughts on public speaking.

On Presenter A: “… I also appreciate his presentation of stories. In my opinion, an effective story delivery method is one in which the storyteller is caught up in his story to the extent that he thinks it is intrinsically interesting and/or funny irrespective of audience reaction. This has the effect of making the story intrinsically interesting and/or funny to me. Dr. ___ possessed this quality.”

On Presenter B: “I’ve had the privilege of sitting under Dr. ___ in a class, and because of my experience there I would expect nothing less than an excellent presentation. And so it was. He possesses the rare ability to present complicated concepts in a way that makes them seem inherently understandable. He is the type of speaker who almost coaxes clarity out of complicated ideas based on his presentation skills alone.



  1. I like that! I think we should have public speaking classes at church. 🙂

  2. Jason (or was it Gloria?) is right.

  3. Man I just realized that I missed a golden alliterative opportunity. I could have said, “He is the type of speaker who almost coaxes clarity out of complex concepts.”

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